Wednesday, December 15, 2004

The Advisability of the Baseball Compact Isn't The Issue

The issue of your suckitude, Linda, isn't really related to the question of whether the deal between Williams and MLB was a good one for DC. Reasonable people can disagree as to whether it's a deal that we can swallow as a city -- see the comment about Fenty below -- and few people, even stadium supporters, can claim with a straight face that it's a good deal. (I question whether Tony himself could really say it, in front of the hot lights, without grimacing. I certainly don't think he'd pass a polygraph doing so.) I happen to believe that the auxiliary benefits of job creation and neighborhood revitalization, combined with the public good of professional baseball, justify the agreement. But I can understand why smart, concientious folks might think otherwise.

No Linda, you don't suck because you question the wisdom of the Compact -- you suck because you're so damn disingenous, because you've contrived to be on every side of the goddamn issue, and because you've repeatedly played hide-the-agenda in a pathetic effort to claw your way into the spotlight. You suck because you're a cheap hack unconvincingly garbing yourself in the ill-fitting roles of a reformer and defender of the public purse. You suck because you knowingly embraced the ludicrous false dichotomy of "ballpark vs. schools." You suck because you're an unusually destructive demogogue in a city that breeds them like lobbyists. Adrian Fenty doesn't suck, nor does Catania, nor do Kwame Brown or (on this issue, and for the time being) Barry -- despite the fact that they all oppose public financing -- but you do suck, because you're in this for Linda first.

Last night, Harold Brazil (whom I voted against, despite the fact that I knew Brown disagreed with me on the ballpark) asked why you waited 11 hours to spring your midnight surprise. That's a good question to which there isn't a good answer. And that's because you suck.


Blogger WFY said...

Linda Cropp Sux Rulez (with a strikethough in Sux)

Did you get hacked or something?

December 16, 2004 at 5:28 PM

Blogger Dan Johnson-Weinberger said...

From Chicago, she looks like a good guy. Don't send tax money to the wealthy corporate owners of the MLB franchises. In Chicago, we unfortunately caved to the White Sox and built them a stadium in the early 90s. I'm glad Cropp came around and scuttled the deal.

December 17, 2004 at 11:44 AM


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